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Catastrophic Injury Claims in Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs Personal Injury Attorney for Catastrophic Injury Claims

Need a lawyer for a catastrophic injury case in Bonita Springs? At Pittman Law Firm, P.L. we have earned a solid reputation for successfully representing individuals who have suffered life changing catastrophic injuries, and if you have been hurt as a result of another person's negligence, we want to help you.

Every person we represent receives individual attention.

With severe injuries and cases involving life changing events, we have found our one on one relationship with our clients to be very much appreciated. The hurdles that one undergoes are extremely emotional and intense support is given to our clients.

We care and want to help in any way we are legally permitted. With 20 years of experience practicing personal injury law, we know that the earlier you contact us, the better will be your chances of recovering the financial compensation you deserve.

We encourage you to contact us as early as possible after your accident, so that we may assemble the appropriate personnel to help with treatment, providing proof of economic loss, rehabilitation, loss of income potential, life care planners, and economists to determine the value of your claim for damages and future needs and to allow us to begin working on a strategy for your case. We will review your case for free!

Types of Catastrophic Injury Claims

Nearly any type of accident is capable of causing the victim to suffer a catastrophic injury, such as a slip and fall which leaves the individual with a paralyzing spinal cord injury. Motor vehicle crashes are among the leading causes of devastating injuries, with car accidents, trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents accounting for a large percentage of all traumatic brain injuries and accident related deaths every year.

Dog bites and attacks will frequently cause the victim to suffer lifelong scarring and disfigurement, while a construction accident may involve crushed limbs or a traumatic amputation which will permanently deprive the worker of his livelihood. If you have suffered an injury which has changed your life forever, don't hesitate to seek our help in claiming an accident settlement.

How much is my case worth?

Our goal is to help you secure full financial compensation for your losses, including the costs of emergency medical treatment, surgery, hospitalization and ongoing care, as well as your lost income during recovery and reduced future earning power.

You also have a right to claim damages for your pain, suffering and mental distress, in addition to loss of capacity to enjoy life and your family members' loss of services and companionship. The outcome of this situation may have a tremendous impact on your future—let us defend your right to a fair settlement. We will assemble all the resources necessary to provide the best team and support needed to prove your case and your losses.

Searching for a lawyer after a catastrophic injury in Bonita Springs? Contact Pittman Law Firm, P.L. to discuss your case!


  • He was able to help me negotiate.

    “He was able to develop a strategy based around the things the bank had done wrong and tie together extremely complicated pieces of a big puzzle to help me.”

    Past Client

  • I would highly recommend this firm's service.

    “David just has a way of working things out and the knowledge needed, he could not be pushed around by the other attorneys.”

    Past Client

  • After calling a few "big" name injury attorneys to handle a dog bite, and being turned away since there is "no money in dog bite cases", we came across Kristin Pittman.

    “After calling a few "big" name injury attorneys to handle a dog bite, and being turned away since there is "no money in dog bite cases", we came across Kristin Pittman. From the very first phone conversation, she made us feel like we were her only clients! She handles everything with your case! She worked diligently on this case and put in some very late hours, sometimes sending us emails as late as midnight. She keeps us informed and updated with anything related the case. I have even had lengthy conversations with Kristin about things that had nothing to do with our case. She makes YOU feel IMPORTANT to HER. She is always available whether it be a phone call or email, she always responds. If these qualities are what you NEED for yourself, family or friends, then Kristin Pittman is the person for you! She handles any case, no matter how big or small.”

    Past Client

  • If you want someone who is in your corner 24/7 AND I DO MEAN 24/7 - Kristin is the one!

    “Kristin cares! We are still in the process of putting our case together ( been 6 months so far) but I would like to let everyone considering an attorney know that Kristin is not only a SHARP, INTELLIGENT, IMPRESSIVE and KNOWLEDGEABLE attorney but she flat out CARES ABOUT YOU. She calls to see how your doing! She will text you a note asking how the doctor appointment went! She will drop you an email simply to find out what's going on. How your progressing and if there is anything she can do to help! YEP THAT’S RIGHT. And as if that's not enough, if you call SHE ALWAYS ANSWERS THE PHONE or her assistant answers BUT she is immediately brought to the phone. NO "SHE’LL CALL YOU BACK." or "LEAVING A MESSAGE ON THE MACHINE." OMG! I am 61 years old and had my share of attorney’s BUT if you want someone who is in your corner 24/7 AND I DO MEAN 24/7 - Kristin is the one! I interviewed a few before choosing Pittman Law Firm but when I met Kristin I said LET’S DO THIS. No thinking about it necessary. All I can say is KRISTIN CARES! Meet her and you’ll see what I mean!”

    Past Client

  • I had a great experience.

    “The other day I ran into Kristin Pittman at the grocery store and she not only remember me by sight, but she also remembered my case from years ago.”

    Past Client

Our Core Values

  • We build trust with our clients, so they can make informed decisions.
  • We provide the personal service that many people want, deserve, and expect from their law firm.
  • Every case is unique just as every individual is unique.
  • We live, raise children, and work in this community and our clients know we care.